Background of Ban Dtahn Buk

Ban Dtahn Buk was found by Mr. Narong and Ms. Somjit in 1976. As they originally were born in Phetchaburi, they grew up and recognized coconut sugar well. Until they develop the sugar production from the local way to the standardized process accepted by the domestic and the foreign sectors

Factory in 2007

In 2007, the first factory was built on the 100-square-wah area. The factory was operated to produce palm sugar.

Factory in 2011

In 2011, the factory was renovated to reach the standard. Moreover, productivity and packaging were extended by using machines to increase our performance.

In 2017 the company requested support from the industrial ministry via SME Bank to fundraising for the development of production machines amounting to 3 million baht. The company could purchase the machines and the instruments, for example, the sugar packing machine, sugar boiler, and rotary load pump. Due to the support, the company gained higher productivity and greater efficiency which led to increased sales. Later in 2019, the company also receive support from the industrial ministry via SME Bank the second time. As the industrial sector continues to grow and the production problem resulting in an insufficient response to the demands of customers, the support helps the company to improve the factory and to install more machines for better productivity and response to the increasing demands. The new construction began in 2017 and is completed in 2019. The budget amounted to 120 million baht.

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Current Factory

Developments of Ban Dtahn Buk

According to the change of product demands of the markets and the long experience, Ban Dtahn Buk must change a lot to adjust and prepare for the market’s growth in the future. Ban Dtahn Buk focuses on controlling quality and understanding the customers’ demand as follows:

Product Development
In 2000, Mr. Narong had the idea to pack the coconut sugar in a bag package distributingto the market due to the manual selling in the fresh market is not clean enough as there are rats, cockroaches, dogs, and cats trying to eat the sugar. Therefore, it might result in getting spoiled and bubbling.

Intention: We improve the production and packaging process by focusing on cleanliness for longer preservation and suitability to long delivery or export to aboard. Thai people in long-distance or foreign countries have the chance to use quality products.

First Beginning: We ordered to make a square block for sugar molding, leave it to become solid, and seal the package. However, the market does not accept this product because of unfamiliarity. The sugar is too solid and the seal leaks. This method was terminated. Second Beginning: Regarding the experiences and the investment in late 2001, the company had the idea to pack the sugar in a bag packed with the automatic packing machine. According to the studies of machines in productions, its market has been expanded to other provinces and foreign countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Guam, the USA, Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia. Ban Dtahn Buk also receives reliability from many industrial companies, for example, Thai Coconut Co., Ltd., Thaveevong Industry Co., Ltd., and Thai President Foods Plc.


We are determined to develop coconut sugar and crystal sugar unceasingly in order to maintain and increase the standard in all manufacturing processes. We are ready to develop and extend the products for moving forward to international trust.


1. Select quality and natural materials without chemical contaminants.

2. Maintain and increase the standard of all manufacturing processes to keep product quality.

3. Develop and extend the products to move forward as an expert in coconut sugar and crystal sugar.

4. Deliver the quality products to reciprocat customer trust.

5. Take the products of Thais to international trust.

6. Support agricultural materials to reinforce the strength of agriculturists.

Why do Ban Dtahn Buk products are supported by “word of mouth” from customers?

Bringing confidence and honesty to customers is what we have always adhered to. That is because we believe that business conduct based on honesty definitely leads to fine product manufacturing and services for customers. Therefore, Ban Dtahn Buk gives precedence to all manufacturing processes, material selection, and product quality before delivery to customers as well as consumers. We assure of our standardized products, ready to be quality materials for all manufacturing sectors; and to be the quality products of Thais’ kitchen forever.

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