Our Products

Coconut sugar and crystal sugar under the brand “Ban Dtahn Buk” are regarded as the products that hugely bring a new standard to coconut sugar and crystal sugar industry in terms of marketing and business. With unceasing development to maintain and increase the standard of all manufacturing processes, our products are different and distinctive in hygiene and standard. For this reason, we are trusted by customers in a wide range. We are ready to develop and extend the products for moving forward to international trust in order to bring worldwide reputation to Thai agricultural products.

Why do Ban Dtahn Buk products are supported by “word of mouth” from customers?

Bringing confidence and honesty to customers is what we have always adhered to. That is because we believe that business conduct based on honesty definitely leads to fine product manufacturing and services for customers. Therefore, Ban Dtahn Buk gives precedence to all manufacturing processes, material selection, and product quality before delivery to customers as well as consumers. We assure of our standardized products, ready to be quality materials for all manufacturing sectors; and to be the quality products of Thais’ kitchen forever.

N.R. Coconut Sugar Co., Ltd.(总公司)

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